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Booking an appointment during COVID-19. What should I know?

How will your ABC appointment run? We have always encouraged brides to book their appointments via our website or over the phone, as this secures a one-on-one bridal stylist and free changeroom for their appointment. Our bridal appointment duration time is for a maximum of 1 hour. In between the appointment times, the staff are allowing an extra 15 minutes for cleaning and wiping down of all surfaces in and around the changeroom.
Please keep in mind, Our Saturday booking fee is $30 and is only redeemable when you purchase your bridal gown with us. Any prior booking cancellations will not be refunded. Do you accept walk-ins? We do encourage walk-in brides to give us a call in advance (even if its 1 hour beforehand)  therefore we can make sure it is okay to come through, given the COVID-19 store number restrictions, we can only accommodate to a set number of people in-store at one time. However, If we are unable to see a bride when they walk in, we will be able to assist in re booking them some other time/day that is convenient for them.
We politely ask that you bring no more than 3 guests to your bridal booking. We do allow facetime and encourage taking photos in store. Unfortunately, if you arrive to your appointment with any extra guests, we will have to ask them to wait outside for the duration of your appointment. Sanitation station is available upon your arrival, we ask that you use this as you walk into our boutique.
While bridal stylists are typically inside the changeroom with their brides, during this time we ask that you undress yourself, slip carefully into the gown, and the staff member assisting you will be standing outside your changeroom helping you with the zip and/or pinning you into the gown. This has been adapted recently in store due to the 4sqm policy and the social distancing practise.
Prior to your appointment with us, our staff will contact you regarding any changes and confirm your appointment as well as the store rules. Should you have any questions or concerns you may ask the girls during this time. What is the payment process in-store from here? If you have found your gown with us, congratulations! We require a 50% deposit to order the gown in for you. However, if your wedding is a little further out, we can delay the production and do a pre order for you. The deposit for a pre-order is $500, and your sizing will not be done that day.
When and where will my final fittings take place? Your first fitting with our recommended dressmaker will be approximately 6-8 weeks out from your wedding day. We do not have an in house-seamstress, so all alterations are conducted from the dressmaker’s studio. If you have a preferred or recommended dressmaker, you may take your gown to them, there is not obligation to have to use our recommended seamstress.
We thank you for reading this, and if you have any concerns about booking an appointment, or questions about an upcoming appointment, please send us an email at hello@adelaidebridalcollective.com or give us a call on 8232 4408. We will be happy to assist you as much as possible.
xABC team